The benefits of carbohydrates in your diet are many and varied but it is easy to understand that carbohydrate foods like potatoes, rice, bread, pasta and more are necessary for good health.

Carbohydrates provide you with energy and help you feel full so make sure they are included in your diet every day. The main worry with carbohydrates is that they can lead to weight gain. This is why you may have seen it written that you should not eat too much carbohydrate.

This is true. Obesity and diabetes are a problem with eating carbohydrates. Nonetheless, carbohydrates are vital for good health and so it is important to find out how much variety of carbohydrates you need every day to maintain good health.

Body weight gain can be controlled by eating the right amount of carbohydrates because, in other words, if you are eating too many calories then your weight will increase and if you are eating less calories then your body will weigh less. It is the carbohydrates that provide you with energy so your metabolism will help you shed those extra pounds by burning off excess calories.

Another good reason to eat carbohydrates is that they are needed for the digestive system to work well. The benefits of carbohydrates in your diet will be discussed in more detail below.

The body needs carbohydrates for energy when you are active and if you do not replenish your body’s carbohydrate levels after exercise, muscle damage and depletion of carbohydrate stores can occur. The main benefit of carbohydrates in your diet is that they give you the energy to get through your day and exercise. If you have a healthy diet full of the right amount of carbohydrates, it will enable you to be more active.

For the brain to function well, it needs a steady supply of glucose (a form of carbohydrate) and if you do not eat enough carbohydrate-rich foods then your brain will not be able to process information as effectively.

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