In today’s society, it is becoming more and more popular to have a good physique. With this, many different fitness trends are becoming increasingly popular. However, this list may not be all-inclusive of the modern trends in fitness. The purpose of this list is to inform people of the most popular trends in fitness.

The following are top fitness trends:

1. Street Workout- A type of training that uses public fixtures like stairs, benches, and playground equipment as the means for training.

2. Tricking- This type of fitness trend is similar to breakdancing. It usually involves doing aerial maneuvers and flips on the ground. Originally called “freestyling”

3. Fitness on the internet- The increase in fitness-related videos on sites like YouTube has led many people to do their workouts in front of a camera for motivation as well as entertainment value.

4. The Musical Revolution- A fitness trend that involves mixing music with exercise, creating a “new wave of fitness”.

5. Rubber Band Resistance Training- The use of rubber bands or other non-toxic objects to add resistance to movements.

6. Fitness and Artistry- A blending of fitness and aesthetics such as sculpting and painting to make art instead of working out for exercise. Artistic Fitness is also known as Body Art and Body Painting.

7. Gyms for the community- These gyms have developed community facilities and events for people of all ages and shapes.

8. Hot Yoga- A type of yoga in which the environment is set at a temperature high enough to be considered warm, but not uncomfortable.

9. Stepper Workouts- A workout that utilizes an aerobic stepper, usually in conjunction with toning and resistance equipment.

10. Fitness Fashion- Clothing and accessories that are made to look like workout gear or designed specifically for workouts.

11. Martial Arts Training- A form of exercise that utilizes the discipline and self-defense skills of the country or culture it originates from.


On the whole, many different fitness trends have been created over the years. However, this list is only a small representation of all the trends that have been encountered.

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