All humans face pressure in many areas of their lives. You may feel pressured by your work or by your relationships. You may feel the pressure of not keeping up with the Joneses and constantly comparing yourself to others. There are also mental pressures, such as anxiety, depression, or simply feeling lonely or left out. As a result, you might experience such symptoms as trouble sleeping or concentrating, stomach problems, racing heart rate, and headaches. below are 10 suggestions to relieve pressure.

1. Take a break.

This is a good one for the body and soul! Just take some time for yourself. Exercise, read a book, watch a movie, do some art work, or meditate. You get the idea. This relieves stress to your muscles and encourages relaxation in the brain and body-mind.

2. Listen to soft music that reminds you of positive things, such as nature sounds or soothing music from an angel choir or guided meditation CD .

3. Eat a healthy meal, such as fruits and vegetables or a protein-rich breakfast.

4. Spend time in nature by walking through a park or community garden, or simply going for a walk with no specific destination. Just enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and calming sight of trees, mountains and water.

5. Call someone you care about and tell them how much they mean to you (or just visit them). You will start to feel better!

6. Say hello to someone once a day, and watch for their reaction. You will probably see a smile!

7. Join an organization you are interested in, or volunteer at a local charity or food pantry.

8. Look around you and notice something positive, such as the beautiful sky, art in public places, or a person who is kind to another person. This can be fun (and funny), too!

9. Get a smile from a stranger. Smile at someone who looks as though they could use cheering up and you will see what a difference it makes to both of you!

10. Listen to your favorite music, read or watch something that is enjoyable and uplifting.

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