Body positivity refers to the accepting and celebrating of all body types. It’s also the ability to love oneself and one’s body as they are. Body positivity is much more than just loving one’s body, it has become a movement in the social justice movement and has been largely influenced by feminism.

Why Body Positivity is Important

1. Creates confidence

Besides creating confidence, body positivity also helps people to reflect on their life and appreciate the fact that they have come so far and should be proud of themselves. This is very important in the social justice movement.

By accepting yourself, you can build up your self-esteem and develop the necessary confidence to be yourself. You are also able to build your self-esteem by accepting the things that are not good for you, such as being overweight or having a large nose. Through body positivity, you can accept yourself and come out of the situation

2. Helps people to love themselves

Body positivity has helped many people to love themselves and they feel that they are beautiful just because they were born in a particular color, shape, or size.

3. Prevents depression and eating disorders

Body positivity has helped many eaters to come out of their condition and it helps them to change their lives for the better. By being confident and comfortable in their skin, they can relate to others and thus avoid depression.

4. Increases levels of health

By being confident and accepting one’s body, they can fight or prevent bullying and other health problems.

5. Helps people to stay focused

By having a positive attitude towards life, they can remain focused and determined on their goals in life. Many people who suffer from an eating disorder tend to lose their focus and would have a hard time following their goals in life.


Body positivity has helped many people to love their bodies and feel confident. Body positivity must continue to spread across the world so that everybody can be comfortable in their bodies and feel confident about themselves. This is very important not only on a social justice level but also on a global level.

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